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Graduation Party Catering

Graduation Party Catering:
For over 30 years, K&J Catering has been catering graduation parties in the Twin Cities metro.  We offer a variety of graduation party menus starting at $9.00 per person.  K&J will deliver to a variety of locations throughout the Twin Cities. Graduation catering services are available in both the Celebration Room and Victorian Room as well as locations throughout the Twin Cities area.

Graduation Party Catering Menus:
Click here to see our graduation party menus!

Graduation Party Delivery Catering:

  • Set menus to choose from and custom options
  • Linen-covered buffet tables and complete buffet set-up
  • Stainless chafing dishes
  • Disposable napkins, plates and plasticware or silverware
  • China and linen napkins available
  • Delivery or full, staffed service


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